Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect & Where To Begin?
Over the years we always get these 3 specific questions when talking to new clients: "How long does this process take?", "What are the next steps to take?" and "What things do you need from me?" Here at The UP Network we try to lay out all of the steps in the process so that clients can get an idea of what goes on. The process is simple, but can seem overwhelming at times. We do make every effort to encourage our clients to be involved in the technical aspects of the process for those interested, while keeping things simple and geek-free for those clients who wish to remain hands-off.

You, Your Products & Your Customers
We can design you the most beautiful and dazzling logo, website and promotional materials; but if we don't take the time to understand you, your products and your customers it won't matter. During our consultations with you we'll get to know you and what personality your business projects or wishes to project to your customers. We want to make sure your customers have the appropriate perception of your business. We need to become familiar with your products and/or services. We need to understand why your customers should choose yours over your competitor's products and what competitive advantages you may have or need to have that must be conveyed clearly to your customers. Once we understand what products you're offering and understand what your customers want, we'll be able to brand you and market you to your customers ultimately pleasing your customers. A happy customer base makes for happy business owners and that means growth for your business.

How Does It All Begin?
After our initial consultations guidelines will be drawn up to set a production schedule and gather materials to complete your project. We will need to gather all important materials such as text, photos, videos, product specs, et cetera that will be needed to brand, design, develop and market your project. Once you've signed off and approved the project proposal, we can have our creative team and project manager get to work. You'll need to approve layouts, fonts, color combinations and much more so if you have any ideas ahead of time let us know. Our creative team can hit a homerun with the first layout if we've been given clear direction, but sometimes the initial layout requires a little refining.

Final Approval, Launch & Post Launch Follow-Ups
Once we've gotten the layout fine tuned we'll begin full production to complete your project. After we have your final approval we will schedule an official launch date. Whether your project is branding, logo, photo, promotional tools, video or website does not matter, it will need a launch date. Call it a "Published Date" if you will. But just because we launch doesn't mean our journey together it over. There will be follow up issues that need to be addressed and we will be right there with you every step of the way. That's what being a part of a network is all about.


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