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Greetings & Welcome to Urxposure, we're happy you stopped by. Feel free to peruse through our website. Urxposure is a small design and digital media production company located in the Greater Chicagoland area. We are an "Adult Oriented" company that specializes in the Transgender Erotic Digital Media end of the Adult Entertainment Industry.

About: The concept for Urxposure was born and launched in 2004. The idea was to let established stars but mainly independents, better control over their brand, career and products that they put out into the marketplace. Simply put you control, Your Exposure. Read More >>>

Services: In an effort to provide a "One Stop Shop" atmosphere, Urxposure has experienced professionals on hand to take care of your needs. Here are a few things that we offer: Website Design, Brand Identity Building, Brand & Product Marketing, Read More >>>

Frequently Asked Questions: Over the years we always get these 3 specific questions when talking to new clients: "How long does this process take?", "What are the next steps to take?" and "What things do you need from me?" Read More >>>

Again feel free to peruse through our website, see the services we offer and check out our highlights in our portfolio. Are you looking for Independently owned and operated company? Lack the resources and skills to bring your concept to life? Looking for an alternative to big companies where you might not get lost in the shuffle? We may be the perfect company for you. Feel free to contact us and we hope to hear from you soon.

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LGBTQ+ Friendly Business

Please email any questions about any web site problems or to reach us please contact us.